Our operators will provide proper equipment for every job. Our ingenious Flight Cases are flexible, handy and mobile so that changes of location will be a piece of cake.

The SetSystem comprises:

– up-to-date computers

– hardware calibrated EIZO high-end TFT-screens (optional: 2nd monitor on roller stand)

– uninterruptible power supplies (UPS)

– Wacom pen tablets

– current-independently photo printers 4x6" incl. print-outs

– ShuttleXpress (jog & shuttle device for convenient editing)

– external harddrives

– RAID Systems

– up-to-date camera software applications (Capture One, Phocus, Lightroom)

– Adobe Photoshop

– backup software

– CURVE RIDERS Folderator® (software application for automatically folder creation)

Every set of course includes a substitute computer!

Set Basic

Apple MacBook Pro with hood on tripod.
Included: hard disks, current-independently photo printer, 4x6“ print-outs, edit device, up-to-date software and substitute computer.
Optional: external power supply

For quick relocation, on location and/or working in narrow areas. Conveniently packed including hood and infinitely variable working height.

Also to be used as additional computer e.g. for selecting photos via network concurrently with the shoot.

Set Medium

Apple MacBook Pro with calibrated high-end 19“ monitor in mobile flightcase.
Included: hard disks, current-independently photo printer, 4x6“ print-outs, edit device, pen tablet, up-to-date software and substitute computer.

The Flightrider®.
Our best seller, the perfect manning for almost every shoot. All devices are already connected in the case. Locationchanges are quickly possible.

A regularly calibrated high-end monitor provides true-colour reproduction.

Set Large

Apple MacPro with calibrated 21“ high-end monitor in mobile flightcases.
Included: internal RAID, external hard disks, currentindependently photo printer, 4x6“ print-outs, edit device, pen tablet, up-to-date software, UPS and substitute computer.
Optional: additional monitor (for photographer/client) on roller stand.

The master among our sets - for catalogue- or people-shoots with large amount of data and tight deadlines that require a machine doing naught to sixty in next to no time.

Recommended for data-intensive productions, e.g. working with cameras as of 22 Megapixel.

This set will solve various tasks quickly and at the same time, such as editing, processing, laying out, quick composing, creating looks...


Phase One P45+ and P65+ with Hasselblad H equipment. All other backs and cameras available on short call.